Top Tips For Hiring a Bouncy Castle

With thousands of bouncy castle hire companies across the UK bouncy castle insurance, how can you choose a company that provides a good service, quality equipment and fair prices? Easy! Just follow our simple tips!

See it in the flesh.
Seeing a photo of a bouncy castle is never as good as seeing it for yourself. Seeing the dimensions written down is never the same as going to see the castle for yourself to really grasp the size and scale of it.

Ask for references from their previous customers. A reputable company wont hesitate to point you in the direction of satisfied customers. A quick phone call is always worth the trouble.

Accidental Damage.
Bouncy Castles are great fun, but things can always go wrong. Ask what would happen should the castle become damaged in any way. With kids and adults alike, everyone seems to lose their heads when jumping on a castle becomes top priority. A small puncture from keys or watches are common, but you must establish who will be responsible for repairing the damage before any agreement is made.

Liability Insurance.
Does the company have inflatable hire liability insurance. It is important to have insurance so that, in the event of any accidents or damage, you can be happy that things will be covered. Ask to see their certificate, if only for your peace of mind.

Special Considerations.
Does the company have any specific rules for children, or for adults? As the castles are structured and designed differently the rules for one castle or from one company may be completely different from another. Always ask before hiring any bouncy castle as it may change your party plans.

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